The IMC Lab + Gallery helps artists, engineers & entrepreneurs develop & showcase new media via projects & shows in our NY City loft, museums, public spaces & with corporate clients & non-profits all over the globe.

Past Shows at the IMC Lab + Gallery in New York City


Daniel Baker: Ebb & Flow

Iviva Olenick: Reach Out and Touch Me

Trash Tara: It Starts With An Inhale

Mixed Messages: The New School Media Studies Graduate Student Showcase

Climate Art: New Ways Of Seeing Data

Abstractions: The Films & Paintings of Antonio Ferrera

Masqueraders Are the Ancestors of Protestors: A Celebration of the Mask as a Tool of Social Change

Bohemian Nights 4: The Secret Life of Artists

Harbingers & Psychopomps

Build the Circle

Lightyears: The Art of Rudie Berkhout

Elastic Identity


"3rd IMC Exposition" at StudioIMC
StudioIMC, West Village


Digital Art @Google: We Write This To You From The Distant Future" at Google

City of the Future, multimedia installation by James Tunick, Carrie Elston Tunick, & Josh Schiller featured in show at Google.
James Tunick & Jack Toolin give a talk at Google, New York City

"Beyond TV" at Paley Center for Media
Paley Center for Media, New York City
"2nd IMC Exposition" at Chelsea Art Museum
Chelsea Art Museum, New York City
"Stereovision" at USF Contemporary Art Museum
"Convergence" at Chelsea Art Museum