htty: HTTP TTY, curl meets lynx in an HTTP console

We’ve covered a number of web console tools like Webshell, a nifty HTTP console for Node.js, and Twurl, the Twitter-specific tool for Ruby. But when Nils Jonsson created an incredibly useful HTTP console with some old-school flair, we took notice. HTTY brings HTTP to a handy terminal shell in what Nils describes as a combination […]

facebook-ios-sdk: Drop Facebook into your iOS application

Facebook loves iOS developers. First, they gave us Three20, a nice iOS app framework extracted from their popular native app. Now they’ve released the Facebook iOS SDK which lets you easily add authorization, API calls, and Facebook dialogs to your iOS apps. Authorization To authorize a user using OAuth2 you can simply create the Facebook […]

TopUp – Powerful lightbox plugin for jQuery

Handles images, flash, movies, iframes, DOM elements and raw HTML. Compress and CSS sprite-driven, it weighs in at only 33.4KB. A number of presets and toptions make setup easy. [Visit the site] [View the demo]

Appcelerator Titanium Mobile 0.8.0 is out

Appcelerator released version 0.8.0 of Titanium Mobile which allows developers to build native iPhone and Android apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. New in this release: Native Map Support Access to Contacts Native Coverflow View (iPhone only) Push Notifications (iPhone only) Custom Table Views and Grouped Views Embedded SQLite database file support Facebook Connect for […]

jStorage – stash that hash using jQuery, Prototype, or Mootools

jStorage from Andris Reinman is a small (2kb) simple wrapper for popular javascript frameworks to abstract local storage. HTML5 local storage is used if present and it even supports userData in older versions of IE. The simple API supports, get, set, delete and flush operations: // set a value $.jStorage.set(key, value) // retrieve a value […]


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