GopherJS lets you run your Go code in the browser

The list of languages that compile to JavaScript just keeps growing. This time around Go gets the treatment with GopherJS. In case you are wondering: yes, you can even bring your Goroutines along for the ride. Give it a Go (spluh!) on the GopherJS Playground.

WatchWednesday for 20100922

We’re bringing back #FollowFriday, but for GitHub. On Friday, we’ll kick off our #FollowFriday series and showcase GitHub users you should follow. But it’s Wednesday, you say. That’s right, we’re riffing on #FollowFriday and introducing #WatchWednesday – a quick list of projects you may have overlooked, aren’t ready for primetime, or otherwise noteworthy. Got suggestions […]

TopUp – Powerful lightbox plugin for jQuery

Handles images, flash, movies, iframes, DOM elements and raw HTML. Compress and CSS sprite-driven, it weighs in at only 33.4KB. A number of presets and toptions make setup easy. [Visit the site] [View the demo]

jStorage – stash that hash using jQuery, Prototype, or Mootools

jStorage from Andris Reinman is a small (2kb) simple wrapper for popular javascript frameworks to abstract local storage. HTML5 local storage is used if present and it even supports userData in older versions of IE. The simple API supports, get, set, delete and flush operations: // set a value $.jStorage.set(key, value) // retrieve a value […]

#6: Steven Bristol from LessEverything and weekly news

In this episode, Adam, Wynn, and Steven Bristol of LessEverything fame discuss Erlang, Javascript on the server, Lighthouse, Docsplit, Rackamole/whackamole, unfollowing under-performing Twitter peeps, and suing domain squatters.


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