CO-CREATE is our renowned artist in residency program that pairs artists with technologists. The program offers fine artists/designers + software developers/engineers the opportunity to collaborate with each other leveraging each other’s skill sets in order to realize an idea. The ideal applicant will present a proposal for a project such as an installation, a software tool, a new media piece, or a commercial app.

Our mission is to support artists + programmers in making impactful, creative technologies. We feature their innovative work in shows, funding technology research + collaborative facilities for art-making. Many of our residents go on to work with us on commercial + educational projects all over the globe.

During the Co-Create residency, the IMC Lab + Gallery provides residents access to our extensive expertise + technology tools, including computers, projectors, sound equipment + space to explore the physical realization of the collaboration. The residency often culminates in a 1-2 person exhibition or showcase at the IMC Lab + Gallery featuring the products of the collaboration.

By partnering artists with technologists, the IMC Lab + Gallery endeavors to facilitate the realization of creative projects that require a multitude of diverse skill sets + disciplines. The ultimate goal is to promote research + development of innovative technologies with applications in the arts, education + commercial worlds, with a particular interest in where these three worlds intersect.

Residencies run for 6-24 months.

Please submit all applications to Submission requirements are below:

Contact information (Name, Address, E-mail, Phone Number)
Link to Personal Site
250 Word Proposal
Three examples of past work (JPEGs, MOV files, links to Vimeo/Youtube, AIFF and WAV sound files, websites)

Notable past residents + artist/technologist collaborations at IMC Lab include:
Claudia Hart: Augmented Reality, Wearables + Fashion as Art
Saya Woolfalk: Virtual World + Mixed Reality/Interactive Projection Mapped Sculpture
SOL'SAX: Mixed Reality, Projection Mapped Sculpture + Social Activism
David Kagan: Virtual Reality Music Video + Electronic Music Album
Colby Cannon: 3D Scanning Tools, 3D Printed Sculptures, Hologram, Mixed Reality Installations + Gallery Exhibition Production

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