Fathom Information Design is a Boston-based design consultancy that helps clients understand and express complex data through information graphics, interactive tools, and software for installations, the web, and mobile devices. With a close knit team of designers and developers, Fathom distills large datasets into clear and nuanced stories. In 2013, Fathom won a Global Editors Network Data Journal ism Award and was a finalist in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards. Ben Fry, principal of Fathom, holds a PhD from MIT’s Media Lab, where his research focused on combining fields such as computer science, statistics, graphic design, and data visualization as a means for understanding information. Ben won the National Design Award for Interaction Design in 2011. www.BenFry.com

Learn about his participation in IMC Lab + Gallery's exhibition, Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data with NRDC and Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

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